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Emu Oil: Wild Emu Specimen

So, what is an Emu, anyway?

The Emu is a large bird similar to an ostrich and is native to Australia. The Emu Bird cannot fly but can cover a lot of ground rather quickly. The birds are typically considered to be full grown when they are six months old and some live up to 20 years.

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Dingos, hawks and eagles are counted among their natural enemies.   Mankind was added to that elite list when it became apparent that the emu could provide not only meat, but leather and a beneficial oil.  Beneath the skin of their back lies a thick layer of fat from which is rendered some pretty fancy oil that today is sought by people the world over.

Many of the subspecies of the Emu are now extinct that were native in other areas such as Tasmania.  The Emu won’t likely follow their cousins into extinction.  Today, the emu is farmed to keep up with the commercial demand.

Emu birds were often a source of fuel and food for early settlers from Europe as well as indigenous Australians. Aboriginal Australians preyed upon the Emu with spears or captured them in nets. The birds were drawn closer by mimicking mating calls to attract the birds. Their primary use for the Emu Bird was a source of meat.

Emu birds are a symbol of culture in Australia, appearing on coins, in mythology, on the coat of arms -even some locations are named after the Emu. Many of the Emu birds were originally bred and farmed for the meat, leather and oil. The Emu Bird has been very useful to the people of the continent. The fat of the Emu was harvested and rendered for the oil.

The Aboriginal Australians were very resourceful regarding the Emu. They made use of as much of the bird as possible. The oil was used to polish their weapons. Emu fat was also utilized as a medicine to rub on the skin and was used for minor pains, bruises, cuts, sores or even for coughs or fevers. It was often mixed with another substance called ochre and used as a body paint for part of any ceremonial dress. The oil from the fat was also an invaluable lubricant.

Today, the Emus are raised in many other parts of the world other than their native homeland of Australia. They are bred in a manner similar to cattle and raised to be used for the oils that they provide that offer wonderful healing properties. The fat of the birds is rendered and refined. Emu Oil is still growing in popularity and is comprised mostly of fatty acid.

About that Oil |  Attributes and Uses for Emu Oil

The Emu Oil is said to have anti-oxidant effects and can also be used as an anti-inflammatory. It is still used for arthritis or back pain and well as a remedy for sports injuries. Due to its usefulness, there are numerous products on the shelves that include lotions, salves, ointments, creams, balms and moisturizers. Emu Oil is also marketed as a dietary supplement. These products are often used for skin conditions, hair loss, hair growth, pain relief and much more.

It is thought that some of the products that contain Emu Oil are great for the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and to make skin more vibrant. It is also used for sunburns, dry or itchy skin, eczema, wrinkles, a hair conditioner, hair loss or balding, dry or itchy scalp plus a wide variety of other uses. Several of the products contain different types or grades of Emu Oil and are manufactured for different purposes based on their consistency.

The oil has been known to promote rapid healing of wounds.  It has been known to unclog hair follicles and promote hair growth.  Skin has been known to increase in thickness for older people.  It has also been known to greatly reduce the prominence od scar tissue.  Watch the video below for a more in-depth look at the positive attributes of the oil of the emu.

One item of note -the oil derived from farmed’ birds’ is only as good as the farm.  The animals must be treated properly, fed the proper diet, without antibiotics, growth hormones, and other unsavory substances.  The fat must then be stored and shipped in the proper manor to the possessor to be rendered into oil, filtered, deodorized and tested.

The products can be found all over the world, including throughout the Internet, and are considered a “wonder” because of its natural contents.

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